GRETA PANT 'Blush' Ultra Suede

Channel your inner Greta from head to toe and off you go. The dreamy wide-legged stretch pant with an elastic waist has a lean clean fit from waist to hip then magically glides out to a wide leg with a fluid drape that creates a long, lean, clean, chic line.

*This AWESOME superior quality Ultra suede was an incredible find! I was only able able to nab a couple bolts of this pink and it is the BOMB!  I have been searching for an ultra suede but would not settle until i found one that i could stand behind and this is it!  I had just enough for a run of jackets, and of course.. the Greta Crop Top & Greta Pant!  Imagine head to toe in ultra suede… 70's bliss!!  Am also trying to squeeze out 2 dress styles with the last 50 yards... keep you posted. And- btw - this bay id washable too!  Gentle cycle, cold, line dry (i tossed mine in the dryer to see about shrinkage & it is shrink-free - BUT that's your call... a risk you may not wish to take!).  Get 'em while you can can!

I created this pattern, because so many of you gals had asked me to design a jumpsuit... but since I find them rather tricky to take on and off during certain moments of the day, I created a two-piece to look like a one piece, providing ease of removal when one needs to tinkle! Inspired by the look of a friend's jumpsuit, I of course wanted you to be able to mix & match it with various tops- like Greta, Verona & Joanie tops, I've now been making this pant for almost 10 years now, with whatever fabrics I conjure, so that you can always have 'a new' version of the pant whose supreme fit and fabric you have come to rely on for almost a decade. Others may attempt to mass produce my collection but for my limited editions there's no competition.

 This Spandex/Poly/ycra is hand wash & line dry or dry clean. In a pinch you can wash gentle cycle & line dry or dry clean. 



Size 0 2 4 6 8 10 12
Waist 23-25 24-26 25-27 26-28 27-29 30-31 31-32
Hip 32-34 33-35 34-36 35-37 36-38 37-39 38-40
Inseam 32 33 33 33 34 34 34


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