Celebrating 30 Years In Biz ~ Est. 1992


HUMINSKA     takes great pride in the perfect fit, fabric, longevity and quality of her creations. And the long list                                             of happy shoppers who return season after season for another dress or ten feel the same way!  HUMINSKA   looks beyond the goal of mere customer satisfaction, she aims to provide you with the thrill of                                            feeling fantastic in your new  HUMINSKA  that will keep you happy  for years to come.   HUMINSKA   cares. Her brand of client care has enabled her to continue designing and producing for nearly                                               30 years,  that’s 3 decades,  in the most sophisticated city in the world.  HUMINSKA   cares. And because you know this, she is happy to repair or replace any newly purchased item  										  in the unlikely event of a production imperfection.  She will even replace or repair an item with a  										 fabric flaw that is damaged from normal wear - but will not do so with defects resulting from                                             abnormal wear and tear  or defects from dry cleaning.   HUMINSKA    stands behind her work. These dresses live on for years with easy care, no fuss or repair.